Assess and reflect on adult SEL competency and implementation

Help teachers and staff reflect on their SEL practice and analyze student SEL data to address student needs and improve outcomes

Tools for educators to reflect on and improve their SEL practice

Microscope - Scientifically sound

Research Based


Our adult SEL and implementation measures are grounded in research-based best practices.

Finger snap - Easy to use

Easy to Use


Teachers answer brief surveys and quickly access results for reflection and analysis.

Lightbulb - Enriches the Conversation

Enriches the Conversation

Educators can identify key insights on their own SEL competence and their effectiveness implementing SEL programs and practices.

Surveys of adult SEL competency and practice

  • Adult SEL Survey aligned to CASEL framework that is criterion-referenced with 36 items, each on a 5-point Likert scale
  • SEL Implementation Surveys for Teachers
  • Custom Teacher Survey Options
  • Self-Reflection and Planning Tools for Data Teams

Support adults’ use of SEL data to promote consistent and effective SEL practices.

Research-based, hands-on professional development for educators and administrators

  • Make data-driven decisions at the district and school levels
  • Understand reporting to monitor growth over time
  • Utilize survey data to shape school-wide and instructional practice
  • Encourage parental/family involvement