Tools to help you implement social-emotional learning

Survey - Re-Entry

Re-Entry Survey

A simple and informative survey asking parents if they have any concerns about their children's social and emotional wellbeing or mental health or would like to speak with a member of the student services team to discuss their student's social and emotional well-being. Also asks if anyone in the immediate or extended family experienced illness, death, or negative impact on parent employment.


Defining SEL Worksheet

How do you define social emotional learning? Specify the SEL skills that are most important for your students. Consider what assessment approach(es) can best measure these skills.


Planning for SEL Worksheet

Is your school community considering strategies for teacher well-being, teacher practice, and student competencies as you plan for social emotional learning? We’ve developed this worksheet to help with your planning.


SEL Assessment Readiness Checklist

Are you ready to assess social emotional learning? Use this brief reflection tool to identify your team's strengths, needs and readiness to make the most of SEL assessment.


SEL Program Alignments to SELweb

Is your school district using an evidence-based SEL program? We’ve developed some crosswalks between the scope and sequence of commonly used SEL programs and SELweb.

Worksheet - SEL Data Review Readiness

SEL Data Review Readiness Worksheet

So you’ve collected your social emotional learning (SEL) assessment data, but now what? We’ve developed this worksheet to help you understand your team’s readiness to review and act on your SEL assessment data.