So What? Now What? Part 2: Deciding What to Do

Forgive me for being master of the obvious here, but SEL assessment data alone won’t change the world. But they can help. These two blog posts (starting with Making Sense of your SEL Assessment Data) are designed to help educators bridge the gap between collecting good SEL assessment data...
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So What? Now What? Part 1: Making Sense of your SEL Assessment Data

A colleague of mine in the education community and I were discussing SEL assessment a couple of years ago. Her district had recently administered SELweb, our SEL assessment system,...
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Bruce Lee and the Art of Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement, Described by the Masters My colleagues and I think a lot about how to use SEL assessment data to make life better for teachers and the kids...
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On Flashlights and Labels: SEL Assessment in Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

By Clark McKown (Originally appeared in the Transforming Education blog on July 11, 2018.) Multi-tiered systems of support, or MTSS, are based on a simple and positive premise: We...
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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Social-Emotional Assessment but Were Afraid to Ask

By Clark McKown Charting a Course Without a Compass Most people agree that children are better off when they have the skills they need to interact effectively with others,...
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