Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Social-Emotional Assessment but Were Afraid to Ask

By Clark McKown Charting a Course Without a Compass Most people agree that children are better off when they have the skills they need to interact effectively with others, form positive relationships, and participate successfully in school and life. These are social-emotional skills, and the process of acquiring them,...
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Understanding and Addressing Parent Concerns About SEL Assessment

By Clark McKown In a time of divisive public discourse, it’s nice to know that parents, teachers, and others agree that the abilities to interact successfully with others and...
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Assessing SEL Strengthens SEL Programming

By Clark McKown Many SEL programs, when taught with sufficient quality and intensity, produce measurable improvements in student social, emotional, and academic outcomes. Those measurable benefits are summarized nicely...
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Off-Label Uses of SEL Assessment

By Clark McKown The Problem with Tests So you want to assess your students’ SEL skills. Before you get started, please keep in mind an important fact. Assessments are...
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Show and Tell Assessments for SEL

By Clark McKown How Assessment Works When you boil it down, an educational test is a sample of behavior that is evaluated to make a judgment about a child’s...
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