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Webinar - Live Demo 2023-05-24

LIVE DEMO: Assessment to Support Effective Whole Child Instruction

xSEL Labs’ assessments are easy-to-implement, program agnostic, and directly measure students’ social and emotional learning strengths and needs. Providing the only direct measure of social and emotional competencies, xSEL Labs’ assessments are aligned with the CASEL framework, state guidelines, and evidence-based SEL programs.

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Webinar - social media 2023-05-23

How to Monitor Fidelity of Social-Emotional Learning Initiatives

A key challenge with any educational initiative is understanding whether we did what we intended and whether those efforts led to improved student outcomes. In this session, participants will learn a framework for monitoring implementation fidelity for social-emotional learning (SEL) initiatives. We will discuss the highest-quality approaches for measuring fidelity, the most feasible approaches, and the best overlap between quality and feasibility.

In addition, we will hear insights from a district currently engaged in this work, including how they have connected SEL initiatives to their five-year strategic plan and how they tackle the intricacies of training staff to implement SEL fidelity measures.

Our speakers will include:

  • Chris Cooper, Superintendent of Clearwater Schools USD 264 in Kansas
  • Chris Perry, Executive Director of Cultivate Education

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • 2-3 practical ways to determine SEL implementation fidelity at the classroom level
  • How to effectively measure SEL outcomes including school climate and student social-emotional competencies

Webinar - How to Empower Your District with Effective SEL

Expert Insight on Overcoming Implementation Challenges—Learn How to Empower Your District with Effective Social Emotional Learning

What are the critical elements of successful and sustained social-emotional learning implementation?

Dr. Sheldon Berman, educational leader and author, has taken a deep dive into documenting social-emotional learning implementation in seven rural, suburban, and urban districts to draw lessons and insights that can help other districts. Those lessons will be published in the forthcoming book, Implementing Social-Emotional Learning: Insights from Districts’ Successes and Setbacks. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Critical elements of successful and sustained SEL implementation
  • Tips on identifying the most common roadblocks and how to avoid them
  • Strategies to gain faculty buy-in and achieve robust student results

SELday 2023

Building a Thriving Learning Community in Seguin ISD

Seguin Independent School District (Seguin ISD) in Texas shares how to build a thriving learning community with a focus on whole child development and data-informed MTSS practice. We will discuss the district’s Whole Child Initiative and how it connects SEL performance measures to strategic actions, programming, and day-to-day supports. Speakers include:

  • Elizabeth Moore, Student Services Coordinator
  • Allison Pape, Innovation Specialist
  • Bethany Polk, Director of Student Services
  • Pete Silvius, Director of Whole Child Initiatives

Mineola UFSD

Evolution Not Revolution: Designing a District-Wide MTSS System for Tiered Behavior Support that Works

In this webinar, Jennifer Maichin, Instructional Leader at Mineola Union Free School District (Mineola UFSD), and Catherine Shanahan, Principal at Jackson Avenue Elementary School, describe how SEL assessment informs instructional practice. Learn how Mineola UFSD integrated high-quality SEL assessment data into an innovative MTSS platform to support all tiers of instruction.

NW Ed Services

Systems Change to Support High-Impact SEL Assessment Data Use: One Region’s Story.

SEL assessment data is easy to collect but harder to use effectively. In this webinar, Dr. Paul Bauer, Director of Systems Improvement and Evaluation from Northwest Education Services, will describe how he and his colleagues supported 16 school districts using SEL assessment data to guide practice. To provide a view of this initiative from different perspectives, Dr. Bauer will then lead a panel discussion with educators in various roles about the systems change process.

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Practical Strategies for Integrating SEL and Tier I Literacy Instruction

xSEL Labs and Mark Gallagher, Director of Continuous Improvement - Marysville Schools, discuss how Marysville Schools uses practical strategies to integrate social-emotional learning (SEL) and Tier I Literacy instruction.

Supporting Educator Wellness

Supporting Educator Wellness to Advance SEL Practice

Research demonstrates that educator well-being is tied to many benefits, including job satisfaction, teacher-student relationships, and children’s social-emotional skill development. Research also shows that educators’ beliefs about SEL impact their teaching practice and effectiveness. So how can schools and districts best foster educator well-being and commitment to SEL? Join us for a discussion with Mark Greenberg, PhD., Chairperson of CREATE, and Clark McKown, Founder, and President of xSEL Labs, to explore evidence-based practices for cultivating educator well-being and SEL commitment.

What does an SEL Coach do?

What Does An SEL Coach Do?

Have you ever asked ‘What is an SEL Coach?’? How do SEL Coaches work within the school system to be social and emotional learning leaders of their communities? Author of “The SEL Coach: Planning and SEL Implementation Resources for Social and Emotional Learning Leaders,” Jennifer Rogers, walks through commonly asked questions regarding SEL Coaches within schools.

Supporting Equity Webinar-1

Supporting Equity through Social and Emotional Learning—One District’s Journey

Trish Wilson, Coordinator of Culture, Climate, and Counselors, and Alesha Cayce, Director of Student Equity, Access, and Outcomes, at Lancaster School District in California (LancSD), share the district’s social and emotional learning (SEL) equity journey shifting the focus from punitive consequences to nurturing social-emotional learning skills. With the assistance of xSEL Labs and Committee for Children, LancSD has become a regional leader in SEL implementation and equity practices. Join our discussion between LancSD, Committee for Children, and xSEL Labs to explore the impact of intentional, equity-focused social and emotional learning implementation.

SELday 2022 Webinar

Building Empathy: Measuring and Improving Perspective-Taking

In honor of SEL Day 2022—Finding Common Ground, Pursuing Common Good— join us for a free webinar exploring how to measure and improve perspective-taking, a core SEL skill. We will discuss examples of perspective-taking, how to build this skill through classroom instruction and activities, and assess student competency. In addition, hear real-world examples of how to help students effectively communicate and reach common goals with others.

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Data-Driven SEL Instruction: Moving This World In Distinctive Schools

Learn how educators across the Distinctive Schools network have successfully combined SEL programming and assessment. This data-driven approach has enabled Distinctive Schools to integrate SEL data into daily instruction in multiple ways to strengthen SEL programs and practices.

Using Student Data to Inform Instruction

Using Student Data to Inform Instruction

Addressing students’ urgent academic and SEL needs calls for a data-driven approach to both guides instructional decisions and measure students’ social and emotional growth. Join us to explore why data-driven academic integration of SEL is so crucial in our schools. The discussion will cover: Why SEL is critical in our schools, relevant SEL research, benefits of assessment with CASEL-aligned curriculum, and closing learning gaps through explicit SEL instruction.

Weaving SEL Into the Fabric of Education Webinar

Weaving SEL Assessment Data into the Fabric of Education

Educators from Northwood Elementary School in Michigan's Parchment School District share how they successfully integrate SEL assessment data into daily instruction in multiple ways to strengthen SEL programs and practices. Speakers include:

  • Lindsey Newton, Northwood Elementary School Principal
  • Marcy Carter, Northwood Elementary School Behavioral Specialist
  • Ethan Alexander, Culture and Climate Consultant Instructional Services, Kalamazoo Regional Educational Services Area

SEL Competencies Webinar

Webinar Series—SEL Competencies: What They Are, and How to Assess and Address Them​

Increasingly states are establishing SEL standards. What SEL competencies should students know and be able to demonstrate at different levels? Increasingly states are establishing SEL standards. What do the look like in real life? Why do they matter? And how can educators assess and address those competencies, but formally and informally? In this webinar series, Clark McKown, President of xSEL Labs, will describe five social and emotional competencies, explore what they looks like and why they matter, and share formal and informal methods educators can use to assess and support the development of these competencies. Each webinar will cover a different competence.

Webinar 2-10-20 Using SEL Assessment as an Instructional Planning Tool

Using SEL Assessment as an Instructional Planning Tool

Learn how educators can use student social and emotional competence assessments to decide what to teach to whom and to monitor student progress. We describe a specific set of steps educators can take to move from on-size-fits-all SEL to data-informed SEL.

System Social Emotional Learning

Three Roads to Rome: Approaches to System Social and Emotional Learning

The very best SEL initiatives transform systems in ways that measurably improve teaching, learning, and student outcomes. The concept of system transformation can be daunting. How do we get from the system as it is to the system as we want it to be?

Webinar 11-25-19 State of SEL

State of SEL Assessment and Practitioner Perspectives

Where are we with SEL assessment and where do we need to move to help ensure data truly inspires practice? The Assessment Work Group leads a conversation with researcher Clark McKown from xSEL Labs and members of the National Practitioners Advisory Group, Brenda McLaughlin of BellXcel and Susan Ward Roncalli of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Zins Recipients - CASEL Awards

CASEL Webinar: Innovations in SEL Research

Learn from CASEL's 2020 Joseph E. Zins Awards recipients who have advanced SEL in schools and school districts in important and meaningful ways: Laura Hamilton, General Manager of Research Centers at ETS, and Clark McKown, founder and President of xSEL Labs. Topics will include 1) the connection between how teachers are promoting SEL and students’ civic learning, and 2) role of SEL assessment in supporting consistent and high-quality practice.