Assess key social-emotional skills in elementary grades kindergarten, 1, 2 and 3

SELweb EE directly assesses social-emotional skills that are essential for success in school and life.

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Social-emotional skills are critical for success in school and life

Social-emotional skills are essential for children’s success in school and life. Many excellent SEL programs help nurture children’s social-emotional skills. With SELweb EE, you can now directly assess those skills to plan instruction and understand your students’ strengths and needs.

Social-emotional skills are critical for success in school and life

Microscope - Scientifically sound

Scientifically Sound

We put SELweb EE through its paces to ensure score reliability and validity for formative assessment. Scores are based on national norms.
Finger snap - Easy to use

Easy to Use


Children log in, complete SELweb EE’s engaging tasks independently. Simple and informative reports summarize student competence at district, school, classroom and student levels.

Lightbulb - Enriches the Conversation

Enriches the Conversation

Teachers can now discuss social-emotional skill alongside reading and math. Administrators can use SELweb EE to guide social-emotional programming.

SELweb EE measures skills for success in school and life

SELweb EE is a web-based system designed to assess key social-emotional skills that are associated with success in school and life and that are the targets of evidence-based social-emotional learning programs. SELweb EE directly assesses children’s understanding of others’ emotions and perspectives, their social problem-solving skills, and their self-control.

Mannheim District 83

Mannheim District 83 uses SELweb EE and the networker so teachers and principals can better understand their students’ strengths and needs, and to take stock of the social health for the classroom. District 83 has adopted Second Step, an evidence-based SEL curriculum, which targets the skills assessed by SELweb EE.

SELweb includes engaging direct assessments

SELweb includes engaging direct assessments

Assessment modules are engaging, brief, narrated, and illustrated. SELweb modules assess skills directly–children demonstrate their social-emotional skills by solving challenging problems.

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