SEL Data In Action at Los Angeles Unified School District

The Challenge

Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) strategic plan specifies that students will make measurable progress in social and emotional learning. In service to that goal, the district has adopted an assessment and uses a variety of SEL resources. However, it has been unclear how to help teachers use SEL assessment data to guide effective practice and to measure student learning.

“Next year, I want to use the [SELweb] assessment and the Harmony program together to do even more to support my students.”

– LAUSD PLC Participant

Get the Case Study

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The Solution

In the fall of 2021, the LAUSD team joined with Harmony and xSEL Labs to design and pilot a cross-district SEL professional learning community. PLC participants would use SELweb, xSEL Labs’ social and emotional competence assessment and the Harmony SEL curriculum. SELweb is a web-based direct assessment of social and emotional competencies that are the target of instruction in the Harmony program.

The Results

Improved SEL skills were seen well beyond one classroom. Students demonstrated consistent growth in social and emotional competence across all competencies that were measured.