Supporting Educator Wellness to Advance SEL Practice

Research demonstrates that educator well-being is tied to many benefits, including job satisfaction, teacher-student relationships, and children’s social-emotional skill development. Research also shows that educators’ beliefs about SEL impact their teaching practice and effectiveness. So how can schools and districts best foster educator well-being and commitment to SEL?

Join us for a discussion with Mark Greenberg, PhD., Chairperson of CREATE, and Clark McKown, Founder, and President of xSEL Labs, to explore evidence-based practices for cultivating educator well-being and SEL commitment.

CREATE for Education is an expert provider of evidence-based programs to help educators cultivate resilience and well-being to support student success, including expertise in assisting schools in rebuilding from the pandemic.

xSEL Labs supports teacher success and student social-emotional development by providing quick, reliable, and easy-to-use SEL assessments.

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