Assess student behavior quickly and easily in grades K to 6

Our brief behavior rating scale gives you a snapshot of socially skilled and challenging student behavior

Global ratings of the student behaviors that matter most

Along with student social and emotional competencies, student behavior—both socially skilled behavior and more challenging behavior—are associated with outcomes you care about. With our brief teacher rating scale, in five minutes, teachers can now take a snapshot of student behavior.

Assess the behaviors that matter most

Microscope - Scientifically sound

Research Based


Our brief behavior rating scale measures high-leverage behaviors associated with outcomes that matter.

Finger snap - Easy to use

Easy to Use


Teachers answer two questions per student, each focused on high-impact aspects of behaviors.

Lightbulb - Enriches the Conversation

Enriches the Conversation

Educators can identify which behaviors to increase, and which ones to decrease, and develop a plan to do so.

Our brief teacher rating scale assesses behaviors that matter most

Our brief teacher rating scale is designed to broadly assess socially skilled and problem behavior. This optional assessment is available to add to SELweb, our social and emotional competence assessments. Understanding student competence and behavior together provides insights that lend themselves to action.

Support positive student behavior

In five minutes, gain insights into student behavior, and use those insights to support students.

Assess the behavior of the whole class

Two items per student yields a behavioral profile of your classroom and data you can use to support a healthy and productive classroom.