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Assessing Students’ Social and Emotional Learning

by Clark McKown

Assessing children’s social and emotional learning skills is a critical and under-appreciated element of all SEL programming. This book provides educators with practical information that they can use to clarify their assessment goals, identify viable assessment options that meet their needs, and understand and use assessment data to inform their practice and improve student outcomes.

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Worksheets and Checklists

Defining SEL Worksheet

How do you define social emotional learning? Specify the SEL skills that are most important for your students. Consider what assessment approach(es) can best measure these skills.

Planning for SEL Worksheet

Is your school community considering strategies for teacher well-being, teacher practice, and student competencies as you plan for social emotional learning? We’ve developed this worksheet to help with your planning.

SEL Assessment Readiness Checklist

Are you ready to assess social emotional learning? Use this brief reflection tool to identify your team's strengths, needs and readiness to make the most of SEL assessment.

SEL Program Alignments to SELweb

Is your school district using an evidence-based SEL program? We’ve developed some crosswalks between the scope and sequence of commonly used SEL programs and SELweb.


We’ve partnered with Centervention to share their FREE social emotional learning lessons and activities that align to SELweb’s assessment domains.

Centervention provides solutions to improve social and emotional skills and behavior for students in elementary and middle school using game-based interventions.


Just as educators use academic assessment data to guide academic instruction, they can use SEL assessment to guide SEL instruction.

This guide describes a four-step cyclical process—Assess, Reflect, Plan, Teach—for using social-emotional assessment data to inform SEL instruction.



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