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Questions about xSEL Labs' assessments?

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SELweb Approach

SELweb is a web-based, direct assessment of social and emotional competencies. There are two versions—SELweb EE (early elementary) for grades K to 3 and SELweb LE (late elementary) for grades 4 to 6.

No. SELweb is a direct assessment in which students demonstrate their competence by solving challenging social and emotional tasks. For example, to measure emotion recognition, children look at faces and indicate what each person is feeling. With SELweb students demonstrate their competence, similar to typical assessments for academic subjects.

SELweb assess four social and emotional competencies: emotion recognition, social perspective-taking, social problem-solving, and self-control. Because these competencies largely reflect students’ thinking, they are difficult to measure with survey and observation tools but are well-measured through direct assessment. In addition, the development of these competencies is correlated with reductions in problem behaviors and improvements in social skills, social acceptance and academic outcomes.

Yes. All SELweb competencies are part of CASEL’s definition of SEL competencies. Emotion recognition and social perspective-taking are part of “Social Awareness.” Social problem-solving is represented in “Relationship Skills” and “Responsible Decision-Making.” Self-control is part of “Self-Management.”

We focus exclusively on providing outstanding SEL assessments. However, see our program alignments connecting SELweb to widely used SEL programs and the free activities aligned to SELweb offered by our SEL program partners.

SELweb Administration

Yes. SELweb is designed for group administration. Children log in to the assessment and interact independently with a series of tasks.

SELweb EE for grades K to 3 takes about 25 minutes and SELweb LE for grades 4 to 6 takes about 30 minutes. SELweb can be administered in more than one session—when students return, the assessment will continue to their next item.

No. SELweb EE for grades K to 3 is fully illustrated and narrated—no reading skills are required. An animated dog named “Comet” introduces each new module. SELweb LE for grades 4 to 6 is also highly visual and largely narrated. In addition, all text elements include a speaker icon that students can click to have the text read aloud.

SELweb is available in English and Spanish.

Most schools administer SELweb twice during the academic year—towards the beginning to gather formative data and towards the end for summative results.

Hardware Requirements

No. SELweb is a web-based application that can be used on any device. SELweb is designed to require minimal time and effort from teachers to administer.

Since SELweb is a web-based application the only requirements are a device with a web browser, an internet connection, and at least 2 Mbps of local bandwidth. Because SELweb is narrated, we also recommend that children wear headphones while they complete the assessment.

SELweb is designed to work on any browser; however, we recommend Chrome because in our experience it is most likely to work well.

SELweb Reports

Reports are web-based and interactive. Graphs show the percentage of students who perform well above average, in the average range, a little below average, and well below average for each SELweb competency and overall. View summaries at the district, school, grade, classroom, and student levels for a single time point or comparing fall and spring administrations.

Our reports are designed for district administrators, school administrators, and educators.

Plenty! You can use what you learn about student strengths and needs to develop SEL skill development goals, reinforce existing SEL practice, guide the use of your existing SEL program resources, or inform your adoption of a new SEL program.

SELweb Usage Guidelines

Most schools use SELweb to inform and measure SEL teaching and learning. They begin with formative assessment to understand student SEL strengths and needs; they use this data to focus SEL program resources to build on strengths and address needs; and they reassess after a period of instruction to measure progress. SELweb is also used as an outcome measure for program evaluation and other research studies.

No. SELweb is designed for use with all students in the same way that a good reading or math assessment is designed for all students. Performance on SELweb may help educators understand their students with IEPs or 504 plans, but it is not a diagnostic or identification tool.


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